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Founded in 1931, the Music Institute of Chicago leads people toward a lifelong engagement with music by providing widely accessible resources for high-quality teaching, performing, and service. 

Since the very beginning when founders Dorothy and David Dushkin began teaching music in their Winnetka farm house, the Music Institute has been committed to innovative teaching, inspiring performances, and a fundamental drive to ensure access to music and music education for everyone. Today, the Music Institute is among the largest and most respected community music schools in the nation, boasting a world-class faculty and seven campuses in Chicago and across the North Shore.

The Music Institute has endured and flourished over 90 years because David Dushkin's foundational words continue to ring true, “music is basic to life, like bread and fresh air.”

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Scott Verschoor, Chair
Alexandra C. Nichols, Chair Emerita
Thomas Gahlon, Treasurer
Jeffrey J. Morse, Secretary
Lee Anne Stoddart, Vice Chair
Carlos R. Cardenas, CPA
Hans Germann
Daniel Hahn
Courtney Holohan
Chris Janssen
Tom Leddy
Kay Mabie
Renée Parquette
Barbara Sereda
Ross Updegraff
Zalman Usiskin
David Zampa
Florian Zettelmeyer

John J. Berwanger
Gilbert W. Bowen
Mitzi Freidheim
Suzanne Spencer Garvin
Brooks Morgan
Susan B. Noyes
Rachel Barton Pine
Betsey L. Puth
Priscilla F. Richman
William N. Topaz

The Honorable Stephen H. Hagerty
Jennifer Koh
Nina Kraus
Christopher Rintz
Deborah F. Rutter

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